Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Study on digestibility of wheat straw inoculated with Ceriporiopsis subvermispora and Lentinula edodes    M.Sc.    Mahmoudi, Mohammad reza    2018-12-16
2    The effects of feeding natural Biochar on feed digestibility, performance of male calves and milk production and composition of Holstein dairy cow    Ph.D    KHATIBI BARDSIRI, ALI    2018-09-17
3    Effects of corn grain super conditioning and treatment with organic acids on total tract starch digestibility, milk production and composition in lactating Holstein dairy cows    M.Sc.    Atash afrooz, Morteza    2018-09-16
4    protecting Amin acids to use in ruminant nutrient    Ph.D    mazinani, mitra    2018-09-10
5    Effect of curcumin and fish oil as natural anti-inflammatory compounds and glucocorticoids alternative on Holstein neonatal calves’ performance    Ph.D    Kamel Orumieh, Saeid    2018-07-01
6    Effects of step nutrition of unsaturated fatty acids diets on inflamatory status, productive and reproductive performances of dairy cows and colostrum quality and Holstein calf performance    Ph.D    amini, mahmoodreza    2018-07-01
7    : Effects of replacement of different levels of flaxseed oil with fish oil in diets on growth performance and blood parameters of rainbow trout    M.Sc.    jadidian, saeed    2018-03-04
8    The evaluation of super conditioner time on starch gelatinization, starch digestibility and pre-weaned calves fed with pelleted starter diet    M.Sc.    Soltani, Esmaeil    2017-11-26
9    Nutritive value of plum hull and utilization of its silage in feeding of growing Balochi lambs    M.Sc.    shahryari, elahe    2017-03-05
10    The occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in dairy milk produced in Mashhad testing the possibility of its reducing by using various adsorbents    Ph.D    hajmohammadi, marzieh    2017-02-19
11    Investigating of chemical composition and quality of alfalfa silage with different varieties of waste date and its effects on the performance of Holstein lactating dairy cows    M.Sc.    ghorbani, morteza    2017-01-01
12    The appropriate harvest time, physico-chemical characteristics and in vitro ruminal degradability of reed forage (Phragmatis australis) in the Atrak river basin, and utilization of it as complete feed blocks in feeding Baluchi lambs    Ph.D    Karimi, Mohammad Taqi    2016-10-25
13    In vitro Evaluation of Physical Forms of Soybean and Canola Meals and Effect of Their Replacement on Milk Production and Composition of Holstein Dairy Cows    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Soheila    2016-01-31
14    : Physico-chemical characteristics of Iranian Lot desert water salt and its effects on ruminant performance    Ph.D    Shafagh Motlagh, Amin    2016-01-31
15    To determine ruminal and post ruminal protein digestibility of yzynya futyda using In-vitro and Insitu procedure    M.Sc.    samsami, rezvan    2016-01-31
16    Musca domestica larva production in different media and its effects on ruminal fermentation and performance of dairy goats and cattle    Ph.D    vatandoustabjahan, aminollah    2016-01-26
17    Comparison of weaning methods for Baluchi lambs and their effects on productive , reproductive and economical performance of the lambs and ewes    Ph.D    Jafari, Majid    2016-01-26
18    Wheat straw treatment with SO2 based on the traditional method for raisin production in grape farms    M.Sc.    SHamsi Nasrabad, Mobarake    2016-01-24
19    Evaluating of milk fat depression and lipogenic genes expression in Sannan dairy goats fed with processed grains and fat sources    Ph.D    Rahimi, Atieh    2015-11-10
20    Enrichment of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast with nanoparticles selenium produced in the synobiotic’s bed and investigate the effect of it on milk and cheese composition of dairy goat    Ph.D    kamalinasab, mostafa    2015-09-15
21    Eeffect of essential oils of herbs from Zagross region on in vitro fermentation parameters , Methane emission , protein fermentability and microbial protein production of Holstein lactating dairy cows and in vivo performance of Holstein lactating dairy cows    Ph.D    davoudi, sayed masoud    2015-07-12
22    Comparison of chemical mixture and Physical features of wheat brans produced from flour factories of Khorasan Razavi in summer and winter and the effect of replacing barley grain with wheat bran on Operation of Saanen dairy goats    Ph.D    eslamian, ehsan    2015-07-12
23    Biological and physiological responses of quality and quantity of drinking water in Baluchi lambs    Ph.D    vosooghi, vahid    2015-07-01
24    Nutritional characteristics of Kashmarian cantaloupe forage dry and silage forms and their effects on performance of fattening lambs .    Ph.D    ghorbanpour, kazem    2015-06-15
25    Modeling of in vitro digestive characteristics of Glucogenic or Lipogenic Dairy Diets with different amount of degredable protein on lactation performance status of Holstain lactaiting dairy cows    Ph.D    EYNI, BEHNAZ    2015-06-13
26    Nutritive value and agronomic characteristics of Kochia forage, the effect of molasses and rocksugar juice on its silage and study the milk composition and production of dairy goat fed by dry and ensiled kochia with the date by-products    Ph.D    Eshaghian, Mehdi    2015-06-09
27    Effect of herb mixture on ruminal fermentation and response yield of Holstein dairy cows    Ph.D    mehrabadi, mahdi    2015-05-31
28    Determining the chemical composition of Lathyrus sativus grain and its effect on rumen fermentation and performance of female Holstein calves.    Ph.D    rastpoor, hossein    2015-02-22
29    Effects of Prebiotic , Probiotic and mixed of them(Symbiotic) average daily gain, blood parametersin newborn Calves and rumen micro organism    Ph.D    Rahmani, Gholamreza    2015-02-08
30    Evaluation of stearoyl COA desaturase expression and effect of geneinhibitor on fatty acid profile of milk in three ewes breed:Balouchi ,Iran Black and Arman    Ph.D    salmani izadi, mohammad    2015-01-28
31    In vitro effect of various physical, chemical or biological processing of soybean meal on estimating utilizable crude protein at the ruminant duodenum.    M.Sc.    Kimyaei Nashtefani, Parisa    2015-01-25
32    In Vitro fermentation characteristics of sugar beet or barley straw treated with rock candy juice or molasses and their feeding effects on milk production and composition of Holstain dairy cows    M.Sc.    zarnegar, zohreh    2015-01-25
33    Determine the chemical composition wastes resulting from raisin different varieties and feasibility it's Application in ruminants nutrition.    Ph.D    yaghoubi, aliasghar    2015-01-10
34    Nutritive value of cockroach powder in comparison with some conventional protein sources in animal feeding    M.Sc.    khajuie goki, fatemeh    2015-01-04
35    Reducing the rate of urea releasing in the rumen with paraffin-sulfur by coating technique    M.Sc.    mazinani, mitra    2014-12-07
36    The effects of pistachio by products tannin extract on microbial fermentation, rumen enzyme activities and immune factors in ruminants    Ph.D    Taghavi, Hamid    2014-09-21
37    Evaluation of PGC-1α gene expression and mitochondrial biogenesis in finishing lambs fed a restricted amount of feed and their relationship with feed efficiency    Ph.D    Rajaeisharifabadi, Hossein    2014-06-30
38    Study on the possibility of tubifex worm (Tubifex tubifex) culture, with aim of using in the aquafeeds    Ph.D    barkhordar, mohsen    2014-06-17
39    The study of industrial development and bio-environmental pollution from heavy metals entrance into the animal body and products.    Ph.D    khorashadi zadeh, mohamad ali    2014-06-10
40    Digestion of pomegranate seed pulp silage and its effects on fatty acid metabolism, mammary gland morphology, some plasma metabolites and performance of Southern Khorasan hybrid lactating goats and kids    Ph.D    modaresi, jalal    2014-06-08
41    The effect of mentha piperita, Thymus vulgaris and Ziziphora clinopodiodes essential oils on lactic acid bacteria an ruminal acidosis in ruminants    Ph.D    nabizadeh asl, setareh    2014-06-08
42    effect of ammoniated sugar beet pulp on rumen capture and utilization of nitrogen in performance of Holestin heifers    M.Sc.    Sadighian, Behnam    2014-04-20
43    Effect of organic and inorganic zinc supplements bioavailability on ewes and lambs performance    Ph.D    Naghdi, Neda    2013-12-21
44    Evaluation of various adsorbents for their abilty to bind aflatoxin B1 in ruminant using in vitro method and their potential to reduce of aflatoxin M1 excretion in milk of sannen goats    Ph.D    assadzadeh heravi, saeedeh    2013-12-02
45    : the nutritive value of tomato farm residue by invitro technique and effect of it on the performance of lactating cows    M.Sc.    Khodaverdi, Reza    2013-06-02
46    Feeding value of hydroponic barley forage and its effects on performance of Saanen dairy goats    M.Sc.    Hayati, Sahere    2013-06-02
47    Effect of forage to concentrate ratio on nutrient degradability of feed using vitro and in vivo technique    M.Sc.    hassanzadeh loushab, nayereh    2013-06-02
48    effect of night feeding on performance, milk composition and blood metabolites in dairy cows under heat strees condition    M.Sc.    chakeralhosini, esmaeil    2013-05-05
49    The effect of protected butric acid and oregano extricationon the performance of holestine daitrycalves    M.Sc.    deimeh, vahid    2013-02-17
50    Effects feeding polyphenols from pistachio hull extract on health , growth performance , and immunocompentence of calves holstein    M.Sc.    sanjari, hojjat    2013-02-17
51    The effect of tannic acid and extract of pomegranate rind on carcass characteristics, meat quality, performance and rumen fermentation in Baluchi ram lambs    Ph.D    ghorbanifarmad, hadi    2013-01-30
52    The Effect of Pre-partum Dam nutrition of Selenium and Chromium on Physiological Response and Performance of Dam and Progeny in Baluchi Sheep    Ph.D    Mousaie, Amir    2012-12-31
53    Effects of supplemented extruded flaxseed and pistachio by-products on Holstein dairy cows performance and the impact of milk produced on plasma concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in Humans    Ph.D    kordi, morteza    2012-12-30
54    The effect of sugar different sources with sunflower oil on performance, ruminal fermentation and milk fatty acids composition in Saanen dairy goat    Ph.D    razzaghi, ali    2012-07-08
55    chemical composition and profiles of lipid fraction in major varieties of Iranian dates and its potential in dairy livestock\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\    Ph.D    Rezaeenia, Aidin    2012-07-01
56    Modeling of NFC quantities on the nitrogen balance in early lactation dairy cows    M.Sc.    Kamel Oroumieh, Saeid    2012-06-21
57    The effect of maturity and cutting time of alfalfa hay on fermentation characteristics in vitro and performance early lactation dairy cows    M.Sc.    firuzi, fuad    2012-04-30
58    Antioxidant properties of pomegranate seed on microbial ecology, metabolic and biologic status of peripartum Saanen goats with oxidative stress induced by oxidated soybean oil    Ph.D    Ghiasi, Seyyed Ehsan    2012-04-08
59    Title: in vitro and in vivo effect of plant and chemical components on ruminal fermentation characteristics and methane production    Ph.D    delavar, malek hossein    2012-02-05
60    Effect of condensed tannin treated alfalfa silage on in vitro, in situ and in vivo digestibility and fermentation parameters    Ph.D    mokhtarpour, amir    2012-02-01
61    Effects of Pistachio skin tannin with and without polyethylene glycol and yeast Sakarvmaysyz Avryza on ruminal fermentation and nutrient digestibility    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Nejad, Zakieh    2012-01-21
62    Study of Rumen Fermentation Gases with and without Methane Inhibitors    Ph.D    ghadami kohestani, marzieh    2012-01-16
63    The effect of maturity and cutting time on fermentation characteristics and of alfalfa hay and total mixed ration.    M.Sc.    sarvarastegar, samira    2011-11-22
64    Nutrition value of straw treated with ammonia gas and tap water and its effect with protein supplements on performance growing heifers    M.Sc.    dehghan manshadi, seiyed Ali    2011-11-11
65    Determination of nutrition value of cereal straws treated with ammonia gas and ammonia liquid and their effects substituition with corn silage on growth of holstein heifers    M.Sc.    sadaghi, samad    2011-10-16
66    The effect of Ferula assa-foetida oleo-gum-resin extract on reproduction performance and blood parameters in male rats.    M.Sc.    Ayyoubi, Ali Reza    2011-05-29
67    Role of organophosphate pesticides in feedstuff on immunological system, rumen ecosystem, ruminant performance and its retention on animal products.    Ph.D    kazemi, mohsen    2011-05-08
68    Effect of saponin on pattern of ecosystem and fermentation of rumen and perfomance of Balochi lambs    M.Sc.    aazami, mohammad hadi    2011-05-08
69    Determination of nutrition value of cereal and grain straws treated with urea and ammonia and their effects on feed intake and digestibility in Blochi sheep.    M.Sc.    Danesh, Sayed Mohammad    2011-01-02
70    Role of saponin and tannin on rumen fermentation,biohydrogenation of fatty acids and pattern of fatty acids in lambs carcass    Ph.D    moheghi, mohammad mahdi    2010-12-19
71    The effect of amylase and amylopectin on the nitrogen metabolism, ruminal ecosystem and performance in dairy Cows and Saanen goats    Ph.D    Gholizadehnivlouei, Hojjat    2010-11-15
72    Effect of various spice essential oils on ruminal fermentation characteristics and microbial population of Baloochi lambs    M.Sc.    khalesizadeh, ahmad    2010-06-13
73    Effects of pistachio hull tannin and fat on fermentation parameters, digestibility and perfprmance in sheep and Holstein dairy cattle.    M.Sc.    rahimi, atieh    2010-06-13
74    Effects of feed and PEG in diets of pistachio hull tannin on rumen fermentation, digestibility and performance of sheep and Holstein dairy cattle    M.Sc.    sedighi, reza    2010-06-13
75    Effect of Stage of Maturity, Cutting Time and Harvest Period on Botanical Characteristies, Nutrient Profiles and Availability and Molecular Structure of Alfalfa Hay and its Impact on Dairy Cow Performance    Ph.D    Yari, Mojtaba    2010-06-13
76    the effect of feed starch on condition of strach digestion, insulin resistance and performance of sheep and early lactation dairy cow.    Ph.D    bohluli, atiyeh    2009-12-13